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Service Updates
to give back to this wonderful game.

Our purpose is to provide guild members with information, assistance, advice and, hopefully, some great times and laughs along the way.

Creed Of  The Uncensored 

I will play for the joy of the game,
and treat everyone exactly the same.
With malice towards none,
my goal to have fun,
ever questing for fortune and fame.

I will share what I learn,
and help others to earn,
reputations to enhance our name.
Giving each big and small,
the desire overall,
to give back to this wonderful game.

Guild News


Mkbondoc, Oct 10, 11 1:32 PM.
Still very active Guild on Mars Fist. Raids Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 8 est 7cst 6mst 5pst. During the week we are starting to work on PoS Chains to have more Construct Spawners. Sun Chain Completed for 4 more ppl last night. Moving on to Rain Chain staring this week. We have been working on CT Trials. We have had a tough time due to ppl on at raids and if everyone pulls together and perseveres; we should complete on our next attempt. Everyone in Guild is working on improving their toons and making new toons to support the Guild. People have been taking a break and returning back to this Marrs Fist server. All are WELCOME. We are HERE. Join us.

Sunday june 26th raid

izladoom, Jun 27, 11 2:23 AM.
We was able to take down bertox tonight.  it was not pretty but we got the job done.  Had a real nice turn out.  Thanks to all who came out tonight.

saturday juse 25th raid

izladoom, Jun 26, 11 12:41 PM.
We was able to take down kv three times tonight. 

Friday june 24th raid

izladoom, Jun 24, 11 11:51 PM.
Friday started off with us taking down both twins.  We started rezzing to pos before the eq gods took the servers down.  Congrats apoc on the wiz pod spell and green on the alc spell.

Wednesday 22 Raid!

izladoom, Jun 22, 11 11:19 PM.
It was a last minute thing but we all gathered to successfully take down uraza and qov.  Sk spell dropped if anyone needs. 
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